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Our lesson plans are detailed and documented as to the needs of the student as well as the resources needed to meet the students requirements.

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Each lesson plan outlines activities and objectives that are measurable ,easy to understand and achievable, guided by timelines.

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Lesson plan 3

The approach to lesson planning for our students is where we set the standards for success through affirmations, motivation, reminders and realizations.

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Lesson Plans are used to maximize learning. We evaluate the student’s structure and flow of learning and mastery of skills on a weekly and monthly basis.

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Basic Reading Comprehension For Beginners
Spanish For Beginners
English Including Cursive Writing
Common Core Standards All Grades
Middle And High School Math
Reading Comprehension 1 & 2
Spanish 1 & 2
English Composition
Elementary Math
Other Personalized Courses on demand

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Making certain that educational improvement opportunities are available to everyone, in every category, that’s our mission at My Tutoring Service. Today we are looking forward to meeting the needs of students, adult learners and everyone seeking to continue improving their knowledge and skill levels. We utilize an exclusive network of tutors and other professionals with more than twenty years of experience that we have partnered with to meet your needs for educational enhancement. We take pride in our teams of professional staff and partners and we are always ready to provide you the best available opportunities to learn and thrive academically.

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